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Osun recently turned 26

Osun recently turned 26 as a Governance Component of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. It was not the time for merriment or elaborate celebration. Rather, it offers an opportunity for sober reflection on the past ideas, present experience and future prospects.

The current economic recession in the Country has engendered fresh reality check about the viability of many of the existing States. Indeed, there have been a sharp reduction in the agitation for creation of more States. Whilst current decline in the economic fortunes of the states cannot be placed totally at the doorstep of all Governors, yet the ultimate test of Good Stewardship would be based upon how prudently individual Governors have managed their space, even despite meagre resources based upon sound development templates, and principles of public accountability. It is the Governor, State of Osun, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola made copious reference in his short but candid message to the Citizen of the State to commemorate the 26th Anniversary of creation of the State.

After taking stock of the administration's pioneering programs and recalling how his administration has been able to respond to yearning and aspiration of the people said he “under our watch in nearly seven years, we have worked hard to establish a people-friendly government whose resources have been judiciously used for the development of the people in every area. Though we went through a daunting financial challenge occasioned by tumbling oil price, but we have steadied the ship of State, ushered in unprecedented peace, prosperity and human development. We have positioned the people to realise their greatest potentials by bringing them to the consciousness of who they are as Omoluabi. We have made agriculture to be important and assisted farmers to excel in their vocation. We have invested huge sum in education and our schools are now the reference in quality and standard for others. Our social protection programmes like youth engagement and empowerment, women development and empowerment, care for the aged and care and rehabilitation of the destitute have won laurels and hoisted for others to duplicate. It is our fervent hope that the foundation we have laid would determine the course of events in the State for the next 50 years. This of course should be for good.”

He then warned that “an economic transition is in the horizon in which our national dependence on oil will end as we know it. We should all brace up for this development by preparing spiritually and intellectually, using our God given endowment. Our faith in God and responsible use of our endowment will see us through. We will overcome any challenge we face. Our best is yet to come. ”

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