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Mid Term Review of Youth Employment and Social Support operation (YESSO) in Osun

The World Bank through one of its Social Protection Specialists, Prof. Wale Oni met with stakeholders in the State on Mid Term Review (MTR) between 20th and 22nd September, 2017. The Stakeholders include SOCU (State Operation Coordinating Unit), PIU-PWF (Project Implementation Unit –Public Workfare) and S4J (Skills for Job).
The MTR is essential to assess the performance of the operation towards achieving the Project Development Objectives (PDO) in terms of project design, results framework, operations modalities, institutional arrangement and reporting system and also to present a clear recommendation for steering the operation.
Some highlights of the meeting include field visit to Skill Centres for beneficiaries on S4J, interactive sessions on institutional arrangements, risk assessment and sustainability plans.

The present institutional arrangement does not include Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) which was a component of YESSO but now under NCTO (National Cash Transfer Office). NCTO placed little or no conditionality on criteria for selecting beneficiaries or households receiving cash

The YESSO components in Osun are mainly:
i) Strengthening the Social Safety Net (SSN) System- creating and strengthening a social protection platform anchored on effective SSN coordination with central platform that consists of a targeting system, a register of poor and vulnerable households and individuals which is the responsibility of SOCU
ii) Public Workfare – This is implemented by PIU-PWF which will commence orientation of beneficiaries on the 1st of October, 2017 and subsequently deploy them into labor intensive work opportunities in their different localities
iii) S4J – This is implemented by National Directorate of Employment (NDE) to provide youth with skills for existing and potential labor market opportunities.

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