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The Mid-term Review of the Youth Employment and Social Support Operation (YESSO) aims. to assess whether the project is on track to meet the Programme Development Objective (PDO). It is intended to assess the project design, results framework, operations modalities and institutional arrangement, risk and reporting system in relation to the present realities of the project milieu. The evaluation will also help identify potential course corrections before the project ends in 2020. The review addresses the following eight questions:
• Is the project generating results to show its impact on its intended target audience?
• Is the institutional structure, at all levels apposite to achieve objectives set out for the project?
• How relevant is the PDO and project design to addressing contemporary social safety nets issues in Nigeria?
• Are there implementation delays that affect timely achievement of the PDO?
• How efficient has project team followed the guidelines in implementation, especially as it relates to establishing a Single Register?
• How effective has the use of the SR been in identifying beneficiaries in comparison to other existing methods?
• How are the intervention components progressing?
• What are the bottlenecks being experienced in the present CBT/SR implementation?

The entire YESSO team discussed reports of two independent bodies, in groups, 5 thematic areas viz: (a) Institutional Arrangement, Roles and Capacity of staff at all levels (b) Operation and Fiduciary management issues (c) Targeting and Registry (d) Skills for Job Operations and (e) North East approach and Issues. The working groups were supervised by the World Bank Team led by Prof. Foluso Okunmadewa. The groups made use of draft MTR reports produced by Consultant to FOCU and World Bank. The FOCU Consultant conducted its survey in 4 States while the World Bank went to 15 States including the State of Osun.
Each group presented its report followed by extensive discussions on the presentations.

Next Steps
• Need to reconfirm and finalize the North East approach
• Mechanism to foster relationship between SOCU and PIU (Public Workfare)
• Clarify the roles of NASSCO, FOCU and SOCU
• LCDAs to be recognized by SOCU
• Issues to explore
• Total review of NDE-Skills for Job process
• Harmonise the NASSCO and YESSO CBT/SR process
• Relationship between SIP and YESSO
• All are expected to study and comment on the report of MTR produced by the consultant.
• To involve policy makers in the upcoming MTR Mission

The meeting decided to invite supervisory agencies of SOCU and PIU to MTR mission holding in Abuja on 6th November 2017. This is with a view to catalyse concurrence of policy makers in accelerating implementation and achievement of the development objective

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