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Data Collection on Community Based Targeting

Trained Enumerators use Computer Aided Personal Interview (CAPI) system to collect welfare information from the identified households or individuals.
Data or information on identified households as well as their rankings/groupings is then entered into the Single Register (SR).Same data is forwarded to National Social Safety Nets Coordination Office (NASSCO) for consolidation into a National Register.
Beneficiaries are selected from the Single Register (SR) for enlisting into interventions such as public workfare, cash transfers and skills for jobs based on relevant characteristics of members of the identified and ranked poor households.

Since 2014, YESSO has been developing the Single Register of Poor and Vulnerable Household in the Country. YESSO which is a World Bank assisted operation has been using Community Based Targeting (CBT) as a unique strategy for the identifying poor and vulnerable households. The CBT is a process that contracts community groups or intermediary agents to identify, validate and select specific members of the community for targeted interventions, a community led arrangement which amounts to decentralization of the targeting process such that local knowledge of community members is used in identification and selection of potential beneficiaries.

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