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Information Technology and Evaluation

The evaluation department measures the impact of projects, programs or policies in order to ensure that value is delivered to the stakeholders. At the evaluation department, we aim to answer specific management questions and supply lessons learnt so as to achieve improved future decisions and planning.

Broadly, there are five criteria we employ for evaluation at BOSS:

1. EFFECTIVENESS: This is about how a developmental intervention has attained its set objectives or purpose.

2. EFFICENCY: This is about how economic inputs (time, money, expertise) are converted to output.

3. RELEVANCE: Here, we look at how the developmental intervention is consistent with the target group's priorities.

4. IMPACT: This is the intended changes expected in the lives of people as a result of the project, program or policy.

5. SUSTAINABILITY: Here, we look at whether the intervention can be sustained based on available resources.

The information Technology section is responsible for facilitating push-button navigation, access (to authorized persons) and control of our processes.

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